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Renovations can be intimidating, but we’re here to help! Our Renovation Services In Calgary bring in Alberta’s top tradespeople, many of whom we’ve worked with for many years. We know the end result will be of the highest quality. We manage your project so you don’t have to.

Step 1 – Design and 3D rendering
Step 2 – Trades Day
Step 3 – Estimate & approval
Step 4 – Construction & payment schedule
Step 5 – Construction

Note: We do provide a detailed explanation of all the steps required to complete your renovation along with contracts, payment schedule and construction schedule.

Here are some of the renovation services in Calgary we offer:

Demolition, moving & furniture storage

Most renovations require some demolition, whether that be walls, floors, cabinets, countertops etc. we love the demo stage and it prepares the site for the trades. We also require that furniture be out of the space while we are working, so we can arrange to have your furniture and items moved and stored for you. We usually hire a POD to sit on the driveway, but can move it to a facility as well. Then when we are complete the renovation we will move it back for you.

Framing and structural

We do have an engineer available to provide engineering services if we are doing structural work, they, together with our GC will write the necessary paperwork and of course arrange structural inspection. As well, framing is an important element, we make sure we have enough “back framing” to accommodate any items. For example, we would know if you want a tv in a certain location and make sure we have enough “back framing” to support it. Having all the details worked out before we frame is essential to a successful renovation.

Electrical, plumbing & HVAC

This is the part of the project we call the guts. Once our framing is complete and inspected we can then complete the electrical and plumbing rough ins. At this stage, we don’t install the lighting fixtures or plumbing fixtures, that comes near the end, we put all of our valves, water lines, receptacles and octagon boxes into the framing in the locations we have agreed upon. Also the guts of the HVAC gets installed at this stage as well. We will have an inspection once this is complete.

Drywall installation

Once all of the prior items are passed inspection, we then start drywall. We have some very talented drywallers on our team and feel that mudding and taping drywall is an art. This stage can take time as we need 24 hours between mud coats to dry. This stage also includes ceilings, we take ceilings to flat in almost every project, popcorn ceilings were really popular at one point in time.

Carpentry & millwork

This is a really fun stage of a renovation, we install cabinetry and trim out windows and doors. Our carpenters are extremely talented and have built hundreds of kitchens, bathroom and general cabinetry. You can really see the space starting to come together at this stage.

Painting & Spraying

We do build our cabinets on site so they usually require lacauer spraying to finish. We have a team of sprayers and painters that can tackle any size project. We will lacquer spray first, then paint walls and ceilings. This stage of the project is really messy and can take a few weeks to complete, but the final product is beautiful and long lasting.


We install every type of countertop, including, quartz, granite, porcelain and quartzite. This choice can really make a kitchen look amazing and it will last for years to come.

Flooring & Tile installation

We install all types of flooring, hardwood, vinyl plank, carpet and every type of tile including, tile showers, backsplashes, tile flooring and fireplace tile.

Other Services We Offer:

Our Renovation Services In Calgary

  • Demolition, moving & furniture storage
  • Framing and structural contracting
  • Electrical & plumbing contracting
  • Drywall installation
  • Flooring & tiling installation
  • Kitchen and bath installation, cabinetry & millwork
  • Painting and staining

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