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Putting together all the finishing touches in your space. Furniture And Decor Calgary

Putting together all the finishing touches in your space is a service we love to deliver. We can help in any way you need, styling your shelves, ordering and placing furniture, adding accessories, this is the favourite part of our job.

Furniture Plans

We can put together a furniture plan for you, which includes recommended new pieces, placing your existing pieces and indicating what size of furniture you need. This is a line drawing along with a design file for you with selections, with all the measurements of the room and maximum measurement for any new furniture. We will also provide styling advice, colours, styles and exactly what pieces you need. This will also include area rugs and lamps and a couple of selections to start

Custom furniture

We have a few custom furniture suppliers and we will recommend which one would be the best fit. Together we will choose the style, fabric and details like, do we want foam or down filled cushions. The piece will be totally unique to you and fit into your space perfectly. We will take care of the ordering and delivery and set up of your new beautiful new custom furniture.

Sourcing tables, lamps and pretty decor (pillows, accessories, bowls, candles etc)
This is such a fun part of the process, we can bring in a variety of items and have a styling day. You can keep what you like and we will take care of returning anything that doesn’t work. We will always be aware of your budget and shop accordingly.

Drapery and blinds

We love providing the finishing touch of drapery and blinds, we work with some amazing manufacturers and will manage, the design and choices of fabric etc, ordering, delivery and set up. All you have to do is say yes….


There is nothing more inviting than a beautifully designed and layered bed to get into at the end of the day. We can have custom bedding made for you or buy pre-made bedding. We love to help design your bed just the way you like it.


So we can come in and simply work with anything you have and spend the day moving furniture, styling shelves, placing decor items, hanging art and generally re-doing your space. It is a fun process which we love doing, together we can re-fresh your home with things you already own. Of course we can style all new as well or any combination of both.

Shopping Trips

Ok, so we always pinch ourselves when we get to go shopping for a living, we love it and we can do it alone and bring you some options or you can come along and we can make a day of it. Either way, we shop all the time and can find lots of beautiful things to bring to your home.

Other Services We Offer:

Furniture And Decor Calgary

  • Space planning, floor plans, including architectural and technical drawings
  • Kitchen & bath design, millwork plans
  • Hard surface material sourcing and selection (floors, tile, countertops, railings, etc)
  • Paint colour selection interior and exterior
  • Plumbing and light fixture selection and sourcing
  • Furniture plans, sourcing and selection
  • Drapery & bedding, sourcing and selection
  • Accessories sourcing and selection


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