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Interior Design Services

At Creative Home Decorating we can help you navigate the infinite amount of options available to you and help you make the right choices for your home. We offer all areas of Interior Design, from choosing paint colours to providing full build services. We love picking colours, whether that be paint, tile, wood or fabric, we think a colour story for your home is an important starting point to make your home feel put together. We can help with choosing all the materials for your home, tile, flooring, countertops, cabinets and more. We can also design a 3D rendering These renderings are produced with a program called Chief Architect and you will be provided with a 3D rendering that you can view on your own computer or ipad. These renderings are such a great tool, not just for us, but for you, it will help you to visualize your newly designed space and help you make decisions.

Space planning, floor plans, including architectural and technical drawings

Our 3D renderings are full colour and can be sent directly to your computer or iPad for viewing. Together we plan your space including kitchen and bath design, floor plan layout, general materials, electrical and plumbing locations etc. This is our most important tool to help you visualize your new space. And this will be our guide to building for you.

Kitchen & bath design, millwork plans

We have designed many new kitchens and baths, and we take that experience and use it to design the perfect kitchen or bath for you. We believe in details and talk to you about how you use your kitchen or bath, and design something that works for you. An example being, if you like to bake, we design a cabinet that has holders for your baking sheets, making sure it is in the right location and is very functional for you. Our millwork plans are all about trim and of course detail. Do you prefer a simple trim or a more traditional, we help you choose all the right pieces.

Hard surface material selection

There are so many choices to make through a renovation and we are here to put together a comprehensive plan that works perfectly for you. This includes, flooring, tile, countertops, railings etc. We make sure everything works together and that you love the look. We believe in creating a “family” of products that can be interchanged in any configuration and work beautifully.

Plumbing & light fixture selection

We can help with choosing a perfect family of light fixtures for your home, with open floor plans, light fixtures can be seen from one area to another and we need to make sure those fixtures work together, lighting is an opportunity to add some “jewellery” to your space. And let’s not forget plumbing fixtures, again, choosing the right family of products is so important.

Paint colour selection interior & exterior

The choices are infinite, we can help guide you to making this very important decision…Colour. One of the most important elements to a space whether it is interior or exterior. All colours have an undertone and we make sure that you don’t end up with pink walls when you wanted a neutral beige. We can help you not only pick a colour, but help you decide where that colour goes, and if you may want an accent wall or possibly some wallpaper. We think of paint colour as the canvas, a base to show off all of the beautiful design choices you are going to make.

Sourcing & Procurment

This is a job we take very seriously, sourcing the right products can make or break a project. Making sure everything comes in on time and on budget makes a project go smoothly. We have so many suppliers to choose from and we make sure the quality is the best.

Other Services We Offer:

Interior Design Services Calgary

  • Space planning, floor plans, including architectural and technical drawings
  • Kitchen & bath design, millwork plans
  • Hard surface material sourcing and selection (floors, tile, countertops, railings, etc)
  • Paint colour selection interior and exterior
  • Plumbing and light fixture selection and sourcing
  • Furniture plans, sourcing and selection
  • Drapery & bedding, sourcing and selection
  • Accessories sourcing and selection

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