Our Services – Creative Home Decorating

Creative Home Decorating provides: Interior design and decorating, renovation services and furniture & decor.

Interior Design And Decorating Services

At Creative Home Decorating we can help you navigate the infinite amount of options available to you and help you make the right choices for your home. Here are some of the many services we offer…

  • Space planning, floor plans, including architectural and technical drawings
  • Kitchen & bath design, millwork plans
  • Hard surface material sourcing and selection (floors, tile, countertops, railings, etc)
  • Paint colour selection interior and exterior
  • Plumbing and light fixture selection and sourcing
  • Furniture plans, sourcing and selection
  • Drapery & bedding, sourcing and selection
  • Accessories sourcing and selection 

Renovation Services

We know that the thought of a renovation is daunting, but we are here to help. We bring in the best of the best trades in Alberta, all of whom we have worked with for years, and know, the resulting product is of the highest standard. We project manage so you don’t have to.
  • Demolition, moving & furniture storage
  • Framing and structural contracting
  • Electrical & plumbing contracting
  • Drywall installation
  • Flooring & tiling installation
  • Kitchen and bath installation, cabinetry & millwork
  • Painting and staining

Furniture & Decor

Putting together all the finishing touches in your space is a service we love to deliver. We can help in any way you need, styling your shelves, ordering and placing furniture, adding accessories, this is the favourite part of our job.
  • Full furniture plans, including maximum sizes of furniture, which pieces and how many along with some selections to start
  • Custom furniture selection, fabrics, style and ordering
  • Sourcing tables, lamps and pretty decor
  • Drapery and blinds, sourcing and selection
  • Bedding sourcing and selection
  • Pillows and accessories, bowls, candles, boxes etc
  • Styling any room or the whole house
  • Shopping trips, together or on your own, with a guide from us of course

Tips & Tricks

We always have some T&T (Tips & Tricks) at the bottom of our blog posts, but we thought, why not put them all together in one place to make it easier. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to help.

Layout Drawing

Get your contractor to draw the layout of the cabinets on the floor of the kitchen and take a minute to walk through, this will give you a good “feel” of the layout and if it is working for you.

Choose your appliances prior to kitchen drawings

Make sure you choose your appliances prior to kitchen drawings as you will need the dimensions for the cabinet design, as well, code requires cabinets to be a certain distance from a gas stove as opposed to an electric one.

Check Handles for Cabinets

When choosing cabinet hardware, make sure you hold the handle up against a wall or cabinet to see if there is a comfortable amount of room for your hand to operate the pull.

Plan a Space

Always take the time to plan a space and understand everything you want to accomplish BEFORE you start getting prices. Putting a plan together will go a long way to accurate quotes and all the trades understanding their part of the job. You end up with a project that is on time, and on budget with no surprises.

Take into consideration all of the electronic components

When planning for an entertainment area, always take into consideration all of the electronic components you have, and some you may want for the future. We can design a clean “wire free” space by installing conduits behind the scenes. All your cords and wires are built-in and hidden so you are left with a very clean, beautiful unit.

Items for the Wall

When planning your space, keep in mind any new or existing items that may need to be hung on the walls. If, like in this project you are adding a mounted fireplace, or large tv, you can add “back framing” while you are under construction and your walls are already open. This is extra wood inside the walls designed to support the extra weight your item may require.

Rugs in your home

If you need area rugs in your home, how about using broadloom (wall to wall) and cutting it to size… There are so many choices now in carpet… patterns, textures and colours. Any carpet supplier will make a custom area rug for you in exactly the size you need, they finish the edges and it looks fabulous. It is a very economical way to get a beautiful area rug made for your space.

Renovation is a process, but it doesn’t have to be stressful

Take a deep breath and know that renovating your home is a process, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Take the time to plan and hire the right designer and you will have the home you want, on time and on budget…

Building a staircases

When picking and building a staircase, always consider whether they will be clad in carpet or hardwood. It really does make a difference as the stairs are build differently. Carpet and hardwood have different depths, so the stairs need to be built to accommodate that. It may just be 1/2 inch, but you would feel it when you walk on the stairs.

Wood finishes

Wood finishes are a big part of any renovation, try not to get too many different types in your hard surfaces. I usually use two extensively, hardwood and cabinets and if necessary I add a third for impact.

Flooring Demolition

When removing an existing tile floor, allow time and budget for a possible new sub floor and a great deal more time to take it out. Not every contractor puts in a tile floor correctly, sometimes it is actually glued down, so when you chip it out, your sub floor comes with it. That means, it is really hard to get it out, so more time for your contractor and you will have to put in a new sub floor.

Framing in a new shower

When framing in a new shower, that is your opportunity to add a built in niche to hold shampoo and soap, the tiler can tile inside it. Once the walls are framed and drywalled, you can’t add it afterwards without a lot of expense. So think about it before you start framing.

Cabinet and door hardware

Cabinet and door hardware can truly add some drama to your space. Don’t be afraid to add a little bling, hardware is the one thing that you usually don’t need a lot of, so go ahead and pick the best one.

How do I plan whole cabinets ?

Make sure when you are planning your cabinetry (not just in the kitchen) that you take the time to really understand how you will use them. In a master closet for instance, take a look at your wardrobe and figure out if you need a lot of storage for cocktail and formal dress, are you someone who attends a lot of fundraisers etc…do you need a place to store all of your workout gear, how about jewelry? Once again, taking the time to plan your space to suit your specific needs will go a long way to you being happy with the finished product.

Draw up a furniture plan

Always take some time to draw up a furniture plan, make sure it is to scale. Once you are shopping you can always refer to the plan to make sure a piece will fit, it will also let you know which pieces you need. If you look closely at the furniture plan in this post, you will see some small lines on the outside of the plan, these represent one foot each, another guide to help you make the right choices.

Do not match all your items or colour

Please do not match all your items or colours. Varying shades of the same colour create beautiful layers. Choose items that work well together, don’t purchase a living room “set” for instance. Pick your pieces so they complimen

Picking paint colours

When picking paint colours, understand that you may love the colour on the paint chip but you really need to see it in your space, with your light. Always have your designer pick two or three that are close to the colour that you love and try them out in the space. The same colour will look different in different spaces.

Refacing your cabinets

Refacing your cabinets can save a lot of costs and you can still have a “new” kitchen. Replacing doors and gables (the side part of the cabinet) can really go a long way to changing how your kitchen looks without the cost of a brand new kitchen. Also, just lacquering your wood cabinets to a solid colour is a fantastic way to update your kitchen or bath.