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Well, we took all of our careful planning (check out our previous post) and started building our new family friendly basement…take a look…Also, some of our fabrics for our new furniture are in the pic above.

PS – Look for T&T (Tips and Tricks) at the bottom of the post.



Once we emptied the space we got to work on the electrical, sometimes you have to really cut out the walls to accommodate the electrical requirements.  In this case we needed to put in a new outlet and back framing (see T&T below) for the hanging fireplace as well as delete some electrical in the alcove.  We made sure to cover the floors as we were keeping the existing ones.  Once our electrical rough in was complete, we had it inspected and were ready to close the walls.  Our “Carpenter Extraordinaire” got to work completing the new cabinets.  Our countertops went in and we sprayed the cabinets out in a beautiful white and painted the rest of the space.   Here are some pics…

We needed to open up the walls to allow for new electrical and some back framing.  See the alcove, we disconnected the outlet that was there and covered it up to accommodate our new entertainment unit.






  You can see that the holes we created are now covered with drywall and mud.  Our carpenter is starting to build our entertainment unit.  We used MDF with a birch veneer interior.







Here is the entertainment unit put together, it is still missing crown moulding, countertop and doors of course.







The cabinets for the new bar are in place, we will cover the front with some panels to finish it off, countertops are coming next.






Here we have installed the crown moulding at the top of the entertainment unit.


The countertops have been installed and now we need to spray all the cabinets white.  Doors get put on last.



Countertops – TCE 1196

Cabinet Colour – Benjamin Moore – Dove Wing OC-18 (PS one of my favourite whites for cabinets)




T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T –  When planning your space, keep in mind any new or existing items that may need to be hung on the walls.  If, like in this project you are adding a mounted fireplace, or large tv, you can add “back framing” while you are under construction and your walls are already open.  This is extra wood inside the walls designed to support the extra weight your item may require.


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