DESIGN IN PROGRESS 2 – Aspen Woods, Calgary, AB

Hello everyone.. Well, we took all of our careful planning (check out our previous post) and started building our new family friendly basement…take a look…Also, some of our fabrics for our new furniture are in the pic above. PS – Look for T&T (Tips and Tricks) at the bottom of the post.   LETS START […]

DESIGN IN PROGRESS 1 – Aspen Woods, Calgary, AB

Hello everyone, This project is a wonderful home in Aspen Woods, finished beautifully, but…the basement really needed some updating.  This family wanted a space they could be in together, playing foosball, watching movies and also they didn’t want to run upstairs every time they needed a snack.   Let’s take a look… LET’S START WITH […]

DESIGN IN PROGRESS 1 – Kelvin Grove, Calgary, AB

Hello everyone, This is a new category for the blog called “DESIGN IN PROGRESS“.  Instead of waiting months for construction to be completed and new furniture to arrive in order to post the final pretty pictures (don’t worry, I will still do that),  I have decided to share every stage of a project with you. […]


A LITTLE INSPIRATION GOES A LONG WAY The inspiration for this project was the beautiful walnut floors, we sanded them down and refinished them with a white stain. Notice the different tones of beige, cream, brown and grey. The colours of the floor drove the whole project. From there we made selections that built on […]